Workshop for trainers of company mentors within the Survival Skills for Trainers of Apprentices in Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) project

In the course of September 2021, in Skopje, a workshop for trainers of company mentors was organized, as part of the phase of testing and evaluation of the first intellectual output (IO1) within the Survival Skills for Trainers of Apprentices in Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) project. The participants included nine advisors from the Center for Vocational Education and Training (CVET).

They had the opportunity to get acquainted with the practices in the countries participating in this project: Bulgaria, Spain and Lithuania, wherein the first intellectual outcome – Advanced Program for Trainers of Company Mentors was also presented.

The advisors actively participated and gave suggestions regarding the modules of this program. They were already familiar with similar contents because they worked on the revision and preparation of the new National Program for Trainers of Company Mentors, which was adopted in July 2021.

The project strengthens the provision of work-based learning which is aimed at monitoring the rapid technological, economic and social development. The aim is to prepare innovative, intellectual papers in order to support the mentors from the companies in the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of the programs for initial vocational education and training.

Training Session IO1, Sofia, Bulgaria

On the 29th of July, as part of the testing and evaluation phase of the design of IO1 Proficiency Train-the-Trainer Programme for trainers of company mentors, the project partners from Bulgaria organised and conducted a training session with participants of the primary project target group. Six national trainers of company mentors took part in the event. They were identified by the National Agency for VET (NAVET). At this stage of the development process of the output, project experts introduced the target audience to the developed Training Programme and demonstrated its applicability potential to trainings for company mentors. The project team also gathered important feedback from the participating trainers about any aspects which require further improvement prior to the finalisation of the output. This allowed the involved project partners to reconfirm the potential of the situation-based approach to planning, delivery, monitoring and assessment of apprenticeships which according to the participants is a very reliable method to ensure quality implementation of the WBL principles.

Following the envisaged trainings in all participating countries and based on the foreseen evaluation reports, the SUSTAIN VET team will conclude the primary project output. It will be available in English and in all partner languages on the project website, so stay tuned.

Virtual Methodological Session

The SUSTAIN VET team conducted a methodological session on June 3rd to discuss the foreseen trainings of trainers of company mentors which are planned to take place in each partner country between June and July. Once tested and evaluated, the Proficiency Train-the-Trainer Programme will be available on the project website by the end of August. Our mission is to support trainers of company mentors to efficiently train them in how to successfully deliver apprenticeships. Our first intellectual output puts emphasis on the situation-based approach to planning, delivery and assessing apprenticeships. Stay tuned for more information.