Output 1 Proficiency Train-the-Trainer Programme for trainers of company mentors. Main objective of this product is to empower and build the capacity of the trainers with series of relevant competences related to WBL such as to train company mentors how to design training syllabus in line with school-based training following the situation-based approach; how to establish procedures for the assessment of the progress of apprentices; how to communicate with VET providers; how to establish an adequate feedback process as well as techniques/methods for provision of relevant trainings to mentors.

English version
Bulgarian version
North Macedonian version
Spanish version
Lithuanian version
Albanian version

Output 2 The Ultimate Company Mentor Survival Toolkit. As a follow-up tool, this output’s main objective is to provide company mentors of apprentices with an instrument for constant reference in terms of rights and obligations of the parties involved in WBL; applicable legislation; templates and procedures (monitoring, feedback forms etc.) for implementation of apprenticeship schemes.

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